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Like a painter’s brush on a blank canvas, creativity breathes life in to the ordinary, transforming it into the extraordinary. This happens because, in the realm of creativity, the mind dances like a painter’s brush strokes, splashing vibrant hues of ideas onto the canvas of existence; it is the alchemy that turns dreams into reality.
Therefore, we make sure that our students actively engage in a range of creative activities like

Painting and Sketching

In the realm of art’s embrace, strokes and lines intertwine, Painting’s vibrant hues, a dance of colours that entwine. Sketching’s gentle pencil grace, a story yet unfolds, Both mediums, boundless ways, for creativity to unfold.

Instrumental and Vocal Music

Instruments weave melodies, a symphony of sound, vocal music soars, emotions unbound. Harmonies and rhythms, a dance in the air, In instrumental and vocal, music’s soul is laid bare.

Theatre and Dance

On stage, bodies move, Tales through dance unfold, In every step and gesture, a story that beholds. Theatre’s magic, actors play, emotions to convey, In the spotlight’s glow, they bring characters to life, night and day.

In addition to developing students’ lateral thinking skills (creativity), these experiences, that are aimed at nurturing artistic abilities, also bring serenity and a sense of contentment. These personal traits (being calm and grounded) will provide our students an edge in the job market, especially in the exponentially changing fast-paced, technology intensive work environment of the 21st Century.