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SSIS Chandigarh is a close knit community where active engagement and collaborative work is a way of life. Our teachers, students, staff, and even associates take pride in being part of this nurturing community, and work closely with the Principal and the Management to ensure that every action, decision, programme or policy is designed and undertaken keeping the students’ best interests in mind. We have a range of committees that work closely with students, as well as parents, to add value to the teaching-learning process: to ensure that learning outcomes are achieved better and that knowledge translates into behavioral competencies that endure throughout life. The following is a list of the committees led by teachers, along with a brief outline of their activities, that relentlessly work towards these goals:

Community Service

The primary aim of this committee is to inculcate in students a sense of belonging and responsibility toward the larger community. We want our students to grow into sensitive and socially responsible adults who care for the wellbeing of others just as they want the best for themselves. This committee organizes a range of activities – like relevant excursions and visits to schools for the differently abled, hospitals, home for the elderly, medical camps, health awareness camps, blood donation camps, etc. By

participating in these activities students learn the importance of spending time with vulnerable or less privileged groups. They build loving relationships with members of these groups, gain new insights into their unique challenges, and experience firsthand that even small gestures go a long way in soothing and supporting community members.

Legal Literacy

This committee organizes a range of workshops for students as well as parents to educate them on several issues related to legal rights as well as duties of citizens. Students learn about issues like cybercrime, challenges of social media, gender sensitivity, bullying, etc. and the legal protections available to individuals in the Indian Penal code. One of the primary aims of community engagement activities is to reach out to under-privileged segments of the society and this committee too undertakes several activities that help inculcate inclusivity as a value.

Electoral Literacy

We live in a democratic country and participate actively in elections to exercise our democratic rights. The Electoral Literacy Committee conducts workshops for students to make them aware of these rights as well as about what the democratic process is; and, the role of each individual in building and nurturing an inclusive and equitable society. The committee also ensures that all students who are eligible to vote are registered with the Election Commission of India and that their names figure in the voter list.

Road Safety

Students of different age groups are organized into groups by the Road Safety Committee, which educates them about traffic rules, safe pedestrian behaviour, safe cycling, biking and even driving. Students take a pledge to practice the safe behaviors and also participate in a range of workshops conducted by Chandigarh Traffic Police on campus.

Social Media

The Social Media Committee ensures that students learn about safe online behaviors and are well aware of the potential dangers and challenges posed by the internet. They are given hands-on training about how to communicate online and share information in a responsible and safe way. They participate in workshops where we simulate platforms like Facebook and Instagram and teach them how to set up a profile while protecting their privacy and identity. They also learn how to protect themselves from unwanted attention and possible hackers, etc.


The toxic practice of bullying is a punishable crime as per Indian Law and students need to be made aware of this. In fact, students often do not seem to know what behaviors constitute bullying, why they are unacceptable, and how they can lead to severe and harmful consequences for the perpetrator as well as the victim. Teachers who lead the anti-bullying committee ensure that every student is made aware of the unacceptable behaviors and the consequent outcomes that could follow. However, the committee attempts to spread awareness in a positive spirit by focusing on the importance and benefits of inclusivity and by encouraging students to be better, do better and feel better.

Child Safety

At SSIS Chandigarh we take student health and safety very seriously. The Child Safety Committee ensures that we provide a safe environment. They conduct periodic checks of the entire campus to identify and address any potential hazards. From electrical switches, to electronic equipment; from theatre props and musical instruments to sports equipment – they check it all. In addition, they bring experts on campus to give talks or deliver workshops on topics like cyber safety, emotional and psychological well-being, etc. During the pandemic, this committee was at the forefront educating students, parents, teachers and staff about the potential threat posed by Covid and how to prevent infection or manage the condition, if infected.


The Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses Act (POCSO) provides the requisite definitions of such offences and mandates all governments and institutions to spread awareness through appropriate educational materials and curriculum for children, informing them about various aspects of personal safety. Our POCSO committee is tasked with the implementation of all the directives of this Act and educates children about the steps they can take to protect themselves. They are made aware of the helpline number – 1098 – and other reporting mechanisms, both on campus as well as off campus. We also organize workshops and seminars for students as well as parents on a range of gender related topics and issues in our sincere attempt to help build an equitable world for both the sexes.

Quiz Team

Educators all over the world believe that students need to be continuously challenged in order to build a culture of excellence. While we ensure that all our students are nurtured and actively engaged is as many ways as possible so that the pursuit of excellence becomes a way of life, our Quiz Committee provides optional services to those students who want to go ahead of the rest and push themselves even further. The select group of students from class 8 to 10 who become eligible for this service (based on their academic performance) sit for a challenging set of additional assessment tests. The tests are administered online for all subjects and require about 20-25 minutes per test, and are offered monthly or bi-monthly depending upon the grade (class). The students who take these additional quizzes are given individual feedback on their performance with suggestions for further improvement.


At SSIS Chandigarh we strongly believe that school life is not just about academics and sports. We believe that education must result in the emancipation of the individual’s cognitive, emotional as well as behavioral skills and competencies. In addition, our students need to be well adjusted socially and equipped with all the critical life skills required for living a healthy, happy and contented life. Our Tourism Committee makes valuable contributions toward this end. It equips the students with the knowledge about places of historical, cultural, social and entertainment value in the local, regional as well as the national environment. We organize excursions and educational trips to such destinations to provide them an enriching experience through which they not only learn about India’s cultural diversity and rich traditions but also experience first-hand the effect travel and tourism have on personal well-being and happiness.