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We have 82 qualified and experienced teachers to cater to the learning needs of students right from the foundational (Playway, Pre-Nursery, Nursery & Kindergarten) years to the Senior Secondary School. Our teachers attend training sessions and workshops at regular intervals to ensure that they have the latest pedagogical tools, methods and capabilities to ensure the all-round development of students. We have dedicated teams of teachers to cater to various learning domains like arts, sciences, technology, vocational skills, sports & health sciences.
We maintain a favourable teacher student ratio of 1:23 and teacher section ratio of 1:1.5. This ensures that teachers have the time as well as resources required to give personal attention to each student across all levels. In addition, a low teacher attrition rate of 4.9% indicates that our teachers have high job satisfaction. This helps us develop and maintain a culture of ownership and collaborative problem solving, which, in turn, results in better, happier and more effective learning experiences for students.


Ms. Aadhshakti Kaushal

Aadhshakti Kaushal, School Counsellor, is dedicated to nurturing the mental well- being of students across varied age groups. Through Counselling sessions and guidance, she aims to empower students with the tools and resilience needed to thrive academically and emotionally. A

compassionate advocate for mental health, she is committed to promoting holistic development within the school community. Her counselling sessions are designed to provide a healthy outlet to students for resolving conflicts and enabling social development. conflicts


Dr. Ashi Makkar

Dr. Ashi Makkar is a certified Counsellor having specialization in Guidance and Counseling. She is an individual with a firm belief in serving the social and emotional needs of students so that they can adjust well to maintain a balance between academics, co-curriculars and life

skills. Apart from this, she also teaches Psychology (Class XI & XII).) Her main objective is to guide and support students through challenging situations. She conducts counselling sessions for class groups as well as individual students in order to help them to achieve their goals.

Activity Coordinators

Supriya Bansal

Gunjan Suneja

Shalini Munjial


Ranjana Rana