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In Saint Soldier International School Sector 28-B Chandigarh the air was filled with love and appreciation as the school hosted a touching Mother's Day celebration presented by Kindergarten students. This special occasion was dedicated to honoring the incredible mothers who play such pivotal roles in their children's lives. The event was graced by the esteemed presence of School Principal Anisha Ghuman.

As the audience, the beautiful mothers of the children were in attendance, eagerly anticipating the performances of their little ones.

The festivities commenced with adorable presentations by the students of KG A, who poured their hearts into showcasing their affection for their mothers. Following this heartwarming start, each of the four KG sections of the school took to the stage, presenting enchanting performances that delighted the audience and celebrated the bond between mothers and children.

Adding to the jubilant atmosphere, a series of engaging games were organized for the mothers, including freeze dance, balloon dance, balancing games, and the ever-popular hot potato game. Laughter and joy filled the air as mothers participated wholeheartedly, cherishing these precious moments with their children. Principal Anisha Ghuman shared her thoughts on the significance of the celebration, emphasizing the importance of recognizing and honoring the love and sacrifices of mothers.

Beyond the main event, Mother's Day activities were also integrated into various classes across the school like card making, photo frame making, fridge magnet making and more ensuring that the spirit of gratitude and appreciation permeated throughout the campus.

- Mother’s Day Celebrations