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Young Innovator Suyash from Saint Soldier International School receives Certificate of Patent for Quadcopter Project.   In a remarkable achievement, Suyash, a talented student from class XII at Saint Soldier International School Chandigarh, has been granted the prestigious Certificate of Patent issued by the Patent Office of India for his innovative frame for a Quadcopter. This certification not only acknowledges the uniqueness of his project but also highlights the importance of fostering inventive thinking among students.   The young innovator showcased his groundbreaking idea within the India Flying community, where he not only garnered valuable feedback from enthusiasts but also caught the attention of industry leaders. Suyash’s Quadcopter project showcasing a remarkable blend of creativity and technological prowess is a carbon fibre frame for a recreational RC-quadcopter to be competitively made in India. The frame is a chassis for mounting components such as electronics, motors, batteries etc. This frame has been tried and tested by some of the top drone racing pilots in India and has been proved to have outstanding performance.