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In a quest to foster scientific curiosity and botanical knowledge, students from the Science Club of Saint Soldier International School, Sector 28 B, Chandigarh embarked on an enriching educational trip to the Botanical Garden in Sarangpur. The excursion, proved to be a captivating experience for the young minds. The Botanical Garden, with its diverse collection of plant life, provided an ideal setting for this immersive learning journey.

Accompanied by their science educators, Mr. Manmohan Singh and Ms. Shilpa, the students delved into the vibrant world of flora, discovering an array of plant species within the picturesque Botanical Garden. The students actively engaged in identifying and studying different species of plants, showcasing their enthusiasm for scientific exploration.

The Science Club's visit to the Botanical Garden not only contributed to the academic growth of the students but also instilled a sense of appreciation for nature and biodiversity.

- Visit to Botanical Garden