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As I enter my class, I see students’ faces and try to gaze deeply into their eyes. I wonder if they are all here for me. They must have woken up early and gotten ready for school because they and their parents have certain expectations from me. I ask myself: Am I looking for their love and affection toward me? Do they eagerly await my class? Am I a good teacher? How would I know that I am?

I am a primary teacher. The primary teacher must be very patient while teaching her students. You must maintain a warm smile on your face, whether you are feeling sick, have personal issues, or family matters, you have to set them all aside. But are you doing this because you have to, or because it is expected of you by your school? I believe this is the difference between a teacher and a good teacher. I, too, have personal issues but as I enter my class I discover an enchanting world of pure and joyful souls eagerly waiting for me. I feel incredibly blessed that God has chosen me for this noble cause. To carry forward these blessings, every day, I bring a basket of teaching techniques that contain a variety of engaging materials for teaching, such as fun games, dances, audio-visuals, creative objects and more. I consider this a significant responsibility. I can't go to my class unprepared. I always strive to create a positive atmosphere in the classroom.

Allow me to share my personal experiences about my class. I know most of the students want to attend school regularly. If they fall ill and miss a class, they do not hesitate to call me on my phone. They have become quite responsible in completing their classroom tasks. They are open with me and we talk freely. It's not that I never scold them. Sometimes I have to, but I’ve realized that they know me so well that they exclaim, ‘Oh, ma'am we should not have done this; you scold us for our betterment only.’ ‘They giggle, laugh and discuss freely whatever comes to their minds. Sometimes they even offer suggestions on how I can enhance my explanations. These moments make me proud.

I was taught during my professional training that a teacher is a friend, philosopher and guide. However, I believe that a good teacher is also a writer, trainer, mother, gardener, dramatist, singer, dancer, comedian, organizer and more. A good teacher constantly updates herself because she must update her students too.  She can instill positive values and attitudes by serving as an example. A good teacher always respects the dignity of each student. Being a good teacher is not an easy task, but it brings immense joy and satisfaction when you witness the growth of your students. I think that if you are a good teacher, you should be grateful to God, as your positive teachings can change the world.